Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing - Southern Vermont

Targeted, Lead Generating, Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is one of the fastest ways to grow your brand, product or business online. From creating brand awareness to generating leads and converting visitors into clients digital marketing is an essential tool in any 21st century business.

Targeted Digital Advertising

If you notice the advertising landscape has changed. Television audiences are spread out over a number of networks and channels and even devices. It used to be one of the main sources of advertising. The same is true in radio advertising now as well. Marketers have to get more creative in reaching their target audiences.
With digital advertising with Scissortail Creative we focus in on the segments and demos most likely to use or need your product, business or service and spend ad dollars wisely by constantly testing and optimizing your ads and landing pages to get you the most leads for your dollar.

Google Adwords, SEM and Social Media Marketing

Think you don’t have enough money to advertise? Let our digital marketing experts take the pressure of marketing off of you and let you do what you do best, run your business.  We can run and optimize a monthly budget google adwords campaign that will be targeted and provide you with relevant leads. All our marketing is backed up by monthly reports showing you how your budget was spent and how it performed. We believe in transparency, give us a shot to show you today.